The Lad: The Bible verse that made my morning go wrong

It may seem obvious, but when it comes to a biblical passage, it’s always good to have a bible verse that makes the rest of your day go right.

You can always go to the library to read through your Bible and see if there’s something that fits your specific needs.

Here’s a list of some of the best Bible verses that made our morning go right (or wrong).

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How to Use a Blue Paper Towel Craft to Craft a Paper Towels Owning Hobby

We love blue paper towels so much that we made this paper towel craft to celebrate our favorite brand!

You can also use the craft to decorate your home and your closet, or use it to make a cute gift for your favorite person.

You can print it out on paper and cut it into squares or circles to create a cute little gift for a loved one.

There are also ways to use the blue paper towel as a crafting project, like creating a colorful ornament or using it as a decorating piece for your home.

Use the blue towel craft at home and on the go with our DIY blue paper pillow craft tutorial.


Cut a circle of paper towel to fit the length of your circle.

Cut the circle into 12 equal-sized pieces and arrange them in a grid.

Then, cut one of the sides of the square in half and glue one half to each side of the other piece.2.

Using a ruler, draw a circle on a piece of paper.

Add one line to each piece.3.

Use a craft stick to carefully line up each piece and make a triangle.4.

Fold the top of the triangle into a circle shape.

Add a third line to create the triangle shape and fold it in half again.5.

Repeat on the other side of each triangle.6.

Fold all the triangles into a triangle shape.

Place a white square on top of each piece of triangle.

Fold that triangle in half into a square shape and cut out the triangle.7.

Repeat with the remaining triangles.8.

Use your craft stick and a sharp knife to trim the top and bottom edges of the triangles.

Cut the triangle shapes into 12 pieces.

Cut one side of one triangle in a line.

Then cut the opposite side of this triangle in two pieces, then cut the third side in half.

Cut each of the pieces in half then cut out each half of the second triangle.

Cut a circle from the middle of the top piece of each of your triangles.

Cut out the circle, and then cut a circle to fit inside of each other.9.

Using the craft stick, make two triangles.

Use glue to glue one triangle to the other triangle.

Then glue the two triangles together and glue them in place.10.

Cut off the top triangle and glue it to the bottom one.

Then attach a piece to the back of the back.11.

Using your craft and sharp knife, carve out a hole in the middle for the triangle to go through.

Cut it to fit, and glue the bottom triangle.12.

Repeat this process on the bottom and top triangles, and place the bottom piece of the craft triangle on top.13.

Create a cute ornament using a blue paper paper towel.

Place the craft towel on a flat surface and then carve out three circles.

Cut these circles in half to create triangles.

Place one triangle over the other and glue both triangles together.14.

Use blue paper cloth to create two small hearts, and hang them in the paper towel crafting craft.15. Enjoy!