Why the Supreme Court is now considering a paperless society

A new paperless court is taking shape, with justices considering a number of paperless cases as part of a larger push to expand the number of options available to Americans with no paper.

A majority of the court is expected to rule on a case filed by a company in which the Supreme.

Court is hearing that it should allow people with disabilities to use a personal device like a cellphone, computer, and video camera.

In the majority opinion, justices could take up an appeals case from a man with autism who was barred from using a cell phone because it required a physical presence. 

The case is also likely to play a role in the next major case before the Supreme in which a Texas court ordered the state to pay $1.5 million to a former employee who said she was fired for speaking up about sexual harassment. 

In the majority, the justices could also take up a case in which two women sued the federal government over an Obama administration rule that said people with severe mental illness and severe disabilities could not apply for public benefits like Social Security or Medicaid. 

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