The Latest: Luxury Paper Towels vs Sparkling Paper Towel

The latest from The Lad: Luxurious paper towels are more economical to buy and use than sparkly ones, and paper towels with a higher carbon footprint are better than those with a lower footprint.

The report by the nonprofit Climate Action Tracker found that paper towels produced an average of 1.5 billion tons of CO2-equivalent emissions per year in 2015, compared with a combined average of about 1 billion tons for sparkly paper towels and 1 billion for premium ones.

Paper towels with more energy-efficient designs, such as those from Amazon, Costco and other retailers, emitted the least amount of carbon, the report found.

In contrast, paper towels made up less than 1 percent of global emissions in 2015 and are expected to contribute 0.6 percent to global emissions by 2030.

The most efficient paper towels that emitted the most carbon in 2015 were the Amazon Prime, Costco Prime, and the Staples Platinum, according to the report.

A paper towel produced by Costco produces about 3.7 billion tons per year of CO-equivalents, compared to 2.4 billion tons in the United States, according the report, which was prepared by the Climate Action Alliance, a nonprofit group that works to reduce climate change.

Amazon Prime and Staples Platinum paper towels have carbon footprints of 4.2 billion and 3.4 trillion tons, respectively.

The most efficient sparkly towels emitted the smallest amount of CO, 0.4 gigatonnes, according a paper by the Alliance.