‘Closeout paper towel coupons’ will now work for everyone, including children

Fox News viewers are seeing coupons for paper towels that will work for every child and family, from the little ones to the elderly.

The coupons were posted on the Fox News Web site, and they will not work for anyone under age 5.

Here are the items that will be available: “Saved Paper Towels” and “Save Paper Towel Coupons” are available for kids under age 3.

“Save paper towel coupon” will work on children age 3 and older.

“Closed Out Paper Toweling Coupons,” will only work on adults.

“Closed out paper towel” coupon will work only on adults who are age 55 or older.

A message was sent out to customers who ordered the coupons and was the only response from Fox News was, “Thank you for your interest in these coupons.

We appreciate your continued support of our viewers.”

A Fox News spokesperson confirmed the coupons will now be available to all customers.

How to save $200 per year on groceries with Staples paper towels

Posted October 16, 2018 11:01:00With a $3.99 paper towel coupon, you can buy more paper towels than you could buy before.

You can buy up to 20 towels for just $9.99, for example.

It’s a great deal.

The coupon is only valid for a single purchase of paper towels and can only be used once per customer.

Staples did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The retailer also offers paper towels at no additional charge.

But, you should double-check the amount of paper towel that you need before making your purchase, Staples warns.

You should also double-test the expiration date of the paper towels before making a purchase.

“You should double test the expiration dates of your paper towels if they have not been in your home for more than 3 months,” Staples advises.

“Make sure that you double-ask your customer for the expiration time of the towel.

You may find that the expiration is incorrect and the customer will give you the wrong number of towels.”