Bizarre item of paper towel: A paper towel dispenser that looks like a folding table

Bizarre items of paper towels have been found at a Lagos airport.

A paper towel vending machine in Lagos was spotted with a folding machine that looked like a table, according to The Washington Post.

The machine was found by a passenger on a flight from London to Lagos, the newspaper reported.

“We have a lot of paper,” the passenger said.

“I just want to say to the airport authorities that this is absolutely crazy.

It’s just a paper towel machine.”

Lagos airport officials said they were not aware of the machines presence.

Lagos airport said in a statement that it has received complaints about the paper towels vending machine.

“We are in contact with the authorities about this matter and will be making a statement when we have more information,” the airport said.

In June, two bags of paper rolled into the shape of an U-turn sign were discovered in the same area of the airport, according the newspaper.