How to get rid of paper towels from your apartment building

The paper towels shortage in the apartment building industry is having an impact on everyone, and some tenants are starting to worry about the damage that will be done to their furniture.

One landlord in the Seattle area is taking steps to make sure paper towels don’t fall into the garbage.

It’s a bold plan, but it’s a step in the right direction.

The company, Kiewit Paper Products, has partnered with the nonprofit Seattle Paper Towels, which is working to improve the environment by eliminating paper towels that fall into landfills.

It has partnered on a recycling program to help reduce the number of paper towel bags left on the premises.

The company says it has a team of workers who are trained in paper towels disposal and they are also installing paper towel disposal bins in their buildings to help cut down on paper towels.

Kiewitt says that in order to be environmentally friendly, they want to be the first to remove paper towels if they get them in the mail.

“We are working closely with our partners and are working to make the program as seamless as possible,” said Lisa Goss, vice president of business development at Kiewits.

“We want to make this as efficient as possible and make sure the paper towels get in the trash.”

The company has already begun removing paper towels and is testing a system that removes plastic paper towels before it’s delivered to customers.

“The paper towels we’re removing are about 60 percent recycled, so we’re trying to minimize the amount of plastic paper we’re putting in the landfill,” Goss said.

The paper towel company is also testing a plan to use recycled paper towels instead of paper.

That means that it will also be recycled when it’s sent to customers and used in the recycling process.

The paper towel industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the country, but many apartment buildings are still reluctant to recycle their paper towels because of their environmental impact.

It can be hard to find recyclables in some apartments.

A study conducted by the National Resource Council found that the majority of people living in apartments that were constructed in the early 2000s would have been able to recycle a certain amount of paper waste by now.