How to Use a Blue Paper Towel Craft to Craft a Paper Towels Owning Hobby

We love blue paper towels so much that we made this paper towel craft to celebrate our favorite brand!

You can also use the craft to decorate your home and your closet, or use it to make a cute gift for your favorite person.

You can print it out on paper and cut it into squares or circles to create a cute little gift for a loved one.

There are also ways to use the blue paper towel as a crafting project, like creating a colorful ornament or using it as a decorating piece for your home.

Use the blue towel craft at home and on the go with our DIY blue paper pillow craft tutorial.


Cut a circle of paper towel to fit the length of your circle.

Cut the circle into 12 equal-sized pieces and arrange them in a grid.

Then, cut one of the sides of the square in half and glue one half to each side of the other piece.2.

Using a ruler, draw a circle on a piece of paper.

Add one line to each piece.3.

Use a craft stick to carefully line up each piece and make a triangle.4.

Fold the top of the triangle into a circle shape.

Add a third line to create the triangle shape and fold it in half again.5.

Repeat on the other side of each triangle.6.

Fold all the triangles into a triangle shape.

Place a white square on top of each piece of triangle.

Fold that triangle in half into a square shape and cut out the triangle.7.

Repeat with the remaining triangles.8.

Use your craft stick and a sharp knife to trim the top and bottom edges of the triangles.

Cut the triangle shapes into 12 pieces.

Cut one side of one triangle in a line.

Then cut the opposite side of this triangle in two pieces, then cut the third side in half.

Cut each of the pieces in half then cut out each half of the second triangle.

Cut a circle from the middle of the top piece of each of your triangles.

Cut out the circle, and then cut a circle to fit inside of each other.9.

Using the craft stick, make two triangles.

Use glue to glue one triangle to the other triangle.

Then glue the two triangles together and glue them in place.10.

Cut off the top triangle and glue it to the bottom one.

Then attach a piece to the back of the back.11.

Using your craft and sharp knife, carve out a hole in the middle for the triangle to go through.

Cut it to fit, and glue the bottom triangle.12.

Repeat this process on the bottom and top triangles, and place the bottom piece of the craft triangle on top.13.

Create a cute ornament using a blue paper paper towel.

Place the craft towel on a flat surface and then carve out three circles.

Cut these circles in half to create triangles.

Place one triangle over the other and glue both triangles together.14.

Use blue paper cloth to create two small hearts, and hang them in the paper towel crafting craft.15. Enjoy!

How to make your home look like a beach

The beach is a popular place to go on vacation, but it’s not always the best place to do it. 

The best place for your beachfront vacation is your home. 

So, how do you take advantage of this?

Here are the best ways to make yourself a beachfront home, according to the folks over at  Blue Paper Towels.


Blue Paper Towel #1: Duct TapeThe first step to make a beach front home looks simple, but its not always simple. 

Here’s a few ways you can get your home to look like it’s a beach, according to Blue Paper Tote.

First, you need to use duct tape. 

It’s tape that has been cut from a piece of plastic that you put over your bedding. 

This will hold the tape in place while you sleep. 

Once you have the tape on your bed, lay it down to keep your sheets dry. 

You can also use it to lay down a towel on your dresser to keep it from drying out. 


PVC BathtubPVC is a cheap and easy way to add a beach home to your home, but you should be aware that it can be a bit messy. 

In order to add more beachy details to your beach home, use a PVC bathtub. 

Put a plastic bag over your bathtub and set it up in your living room or kitchen. 

Then, wrap it with duct tape and place it in the bathtub to keep the water out.


Towel Bags The first time you use this type of towel bag, you can add a little bit of style to your bedroom. 

Simply lay it out over the top of a towel and tie a knot in the end. 

After that, it’s just a matter of wrapping it up with duct tapes and setting it up. 4.

Paper Towel Duct TapeThis type of tape works really well for adding a beachy look to your backyard. 

Use it to hang your laundry or to attach your dryer to your laundry line. 

Finally, you just need to put it on the inside of the towel and attach it to the wall. 5.

Carpet Carpets have a tendency to clog up your bath tubs, so why not use it instead? 

Using this DIY step by step DIY can make your bedroom beachy. 

Place your carpet on top of the tub, then tie a bow around the edge of the carpet. 

Next, put the carpet on the top edge of your tub, and tie another bow around that edge. 

Now put the two sides together and you’re good to go. 6. Duct Ties This DIY can also be great for adding some beachy elements to your living space. 

Take your favorite rug and tie it around your tub. 

On top of that, use duct tapes to hang a carpet or any other type of fabric. 


Hanging Lamps Adding a little beachy detail to your outdoor space is a great way to make it feel like you have a beach house. 

Lay down some curtains and lay them on top and make them look like they’re hanging off the wall, or hang a couple of hanging lamps on the walls of your living area. 


A Rug Can Be a Beach This homemade DIY rug can be used as a beach yard ornament, a home décor piece, or even a beach barbeque. 

Cut a piece and place the rug on top to make the room look like your backyard is a beach. 


DIY Baking SodaBaking soda is a natural ingredient that can add some beach style to any room. 

Using a DIY step-by-step DIY can create a simple and beachy kitchen or bathroom. 


Foldable Duct Tack This type a cheap DIY can be an effective way to give your bedroom a beach feel. 

Just take a piece that you can fold over the back of your bed and attach the edges to the top. 


Cutting Boards for Bathroom WallsCutting boards can be useful for adding beachy designs to your bathroom.

Cut the boards to fit into the wall of your bathroom, or lay them out in a circular pattern. 


Making Beachy WetsuitsThe idea of making your beach house look like an outdoor pool is a cool idea. 

Make a pair of beachy wetsuits and tie them together to make them beachy on the outside. 


Home Decorating Ideas for Your Bathroom This DIY can add beachy, beachy touches to your kitchen, bath, and dining room.

Take a beach themed piece, and cut a piece to fit in the bottom of your bath and attach to the bottom wall of the bath.