Trump administration to waive Trump’s travel ban

Trump administration officials said Friday that they will waive the travel ban on Trump’s first day in office.

In a statement, acting Homeland Security Secretary Elaine Duke said she expects the administration to take the executive action as soon as possible, and that it will not impose a travel ban.

She added that she expects a review of the revised executive order “by the time of the president’s return from the United Kingdom.”

The president has been on a three-day recess since he took office on Jan. 20.

The White House issued a statement saying Trump’s order will not affect Americans and that the government is fully prepared to take additional steps to help the government cope with the travel crisis.

“The order does not require the removal of U.S. citizens from the U.K. or any other country,” the statement said.

“It also does not create any new security concerns.

The administration will continue to closely monitor the situation and to consult with Congress, the American people and the legal community.”

The WhiteHouse has yet to announce any new executive actions.

More than 200 states, cities and tribes sued to block the travel restriction, arguing that the ban discriminates against Muslims and violates the Constitution’s religious freedoms.

Trump has promised to uphold the travel order and said Friday he intends to issue an executive order on Monday to repeal the ban.

“This order is not a Muslim ban, and we will continue the fight to ensure we are protected by the Constitution,” Trump said.