How much does the new Presto paper towel dispenser cost?

The new Preston paper towel packaging and dispenser will come to the market next month, with the new dispensers costing about $1,500 each.

The new dispenser comes with an aluminium lid and a small tray that holds the dispenser.

Preston says it has reduced the cost of its new dispensing system by “up to 80 per cent” and will now charge a minimum of $150 for a $600 dispenser, which is “an increase of $60” over the previous model.

The new dispensator will be available to order through Presto.

The paper towels come with a $1.49 charge for “paper towels, plastic, paper towels and other accessories” which can be picked up at any grocery store.

The company says the dispensers can be used to dispense the paper towels for up to 25 minutes.