‘Blaming the weather’ for my rash, Delhi woman says

Delhi: A woman in Delhi has claimed that blaming the weather for her rash was “baseless”.

“The only reason why I have had my rash is that I am a weather person.

I know that the weather can change at any moment.

It is not the fault of the weather but the weather,” the woman said.

A woman in a suit and tie is seen in front of the house in a residential area of Delhi in this December 10, 2016 file photo.

The incident comes as Delhi continues to struggle with its worst air quality in years, with the capital registering a PM2.5 reading of over 300 micrograms per cubic metre on Thursday.

A daily average of more than 300 microg/m3 is considered hazardous by the World Health Organisation.

The woman’s symptoms, she said, started on January 20, when she started experiencing a fever and cough.

“It was worse on January 28 when I felt sore throats and chest pains.

I also started having diarrhea and a lot of red marks on my body,” she said.

Her condition worsened on February 6 when she developed the rash and was admitted to a private hospital.

She said she was told by doctors that her symptoms were the result of a viral infection.

She had received a series of injections, including shots of corticosteroids, which she said were given by doctors to treat her respiratory problems.

“There were no treatments for the cough and it was the worst cough ever,” she alleged.

The government has not commented on the claim.