Why can’t we have free paper towels?

A lot of people seem to think that paper towels are bad, so why can’t they have them? 

The truth is that the best paper towels can be had for under $5 a day.

There are a lot of other brands, but these are the brands that have been tested and proven to work the best. 

There are a few other reasons why people think paper towels aren’t worth the effort.

A lot of paper towels get tossed in the garbage.

Some people use paper towels to clean their cars, or they throw them in the sink.

Other people buy paper towels for their kids. 

Some people buy it because they think it will help them lose weight.

If you’re one of those people, I highly recommend that you get rid of the paper towels.

And then there’s the issue of hygiene.

If you’re not using paper towels regularly, they are not going to be the most hygienic way to use them.