Trump’s paper towels and paper towels commercial: The Trump paper towels that are good

A new paper towel commercial from Trump is a great way to introduce the new president and his brand of paper towels to a country that is still reeling from the election.

The commercial begins with the narrator saying that “Donald Trump has always loved to bring people together.”

Trump’s campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again,” comes up onscreen and the narrator adds, “It’s time for Trump to make America great again.”

The commercial is an upbeat introduction to the new administration, and it’s easy to see why: The narrator is singing the praises of Trump’s company’s products, which include Trump’s signature brand of “Trump paper towels.”

“Trump’s products are made with quality materials, like the highest-quality paper towels in the world,” Trump’s official White House website reads.

“Our products are the highest quality available, and we are proud to be the world’s largest manufacturer of Trump paper products.

We are proud that Trump paper is the top choice for nearly every business.

Trump paper towel is an American tradition.”

In fact, Trump’s name is also spelled correctly, and the announcer is singing along, “Trump is the American president who can fix it all.

Trump’s products have helped build this country.”

The narrator then adds, “[Trump’s] president’s first orders of business will be to put America first.”

“This is a president who has promised that he’ll do all that he can to help America be great again,” the narrator says.

“We know he’ll bring the best of the Trump brand to America.

Trump products are great, and they’re American.”

But the commercial also features some criticism of Trump: “Trump papers, Trump paper and Trump paper again.

They’re bad, they’re cheap, and you’ll never see them again,” Trump says.

The narrator adds that “people are calling him a bully.”

Trump has also been criticized for his business practices, which critics say have damaged the economy, led to the deaths of thousands of people, and have harmed the reputation of the United States.

In November, he said he would “take the fight to Washington” if he won the presidency, but then later admitted that he didn’t mean to say that.

“I was trying to make a point to my supporters, to make sure they’re not going to think that I’m a bully,” Trump told ABC News.

“But I have said many times over the years that I am not a bully.

I am a president for American families, for American workers, and I will do everything I can to bring them together.”