How to Avoid Being a ‘Gift From God’

The day the family was out for dinner, the pastor and his wife were out shopping for gift baskets.

They stopped at a department store, and as the cashier approached, the husband noticed that the basket was missing something.

“She said, ‘I can’t find your paper towels,'” he recalled.

“I said, well, we were out for a good meal and you can’t be looking for them.’

She said, no, they’re in your gift basket.”

The pastor asked what was missing, and she told him the basket had been stolen from her.

He had been at work when he realized what had happened.

The pastor asked his wife what was wrong, and the wife told him she didn’t know.

The pastor called the police and told them about the missing paper towels.

He told them that the paper towels were gone and that he was trying to get his hands on them.

“I said ‘Why didn’t you come pick up the basket when you went out for the dinner?’

She said she had to go and look for them,” he said.

The next day, the police arrived.

The officers said they had seen the family leave the store and saw the missing bags.

They took the paper towel and a credit card with a number of the paper bags and brought them to the police station where they were fingerprinted and released.

They said the missing money would be paid for.

The police took the money, but the pastor told Breitbart News that he had a question for them: Did they tell him what happened?

“They said they didn’t.

I said, then why didn’t they come pick it up?

The police told me they didn, and that I was responsible for the loss of the money.

They told me to call the police,” the pastor said.

He went to the nearest police station and told the police that he believed they had taken his paper towels and that they had been lying about the theft.

“He told me he had no idea, but they didn`t,” he recalled, adding that the police told him he was wrong.

The Pastor told Breitbart on Wednesday that he called the local sheriff’s office, but that no one came to the station to help him.

“There was nothing they could do,” he told Breitbart.

The local sheriff`s office did not respond to a request for comment from Breitbart News.

The church is located in the heart of Fort Worth, Texas, and is run by Pastor James Martin.

According to its website, the church has about 500 members.