How the internet will affect the paper towel industry

How much paper towel will we be buying?

And what about our wallets?

And why would we ever need to use it?

In a recent interview with Next Big Futures, the CEO of PaperLabs, Chris Ritter, answered all of these questions in a very concise manner.

He told us: “You have a lot of paper towels that are basically made from paper fibers, but they’re not actually paper fibers anymore.

They’re all made of cellulose, which is a plastic-like material that we don’t know what the hell it is.

So what you’re seeing in the paper towels are a bunch of celluloses that are just a bit different.”

We’re using this paper to make a new kind of plastic.

You’ve got a few different varieties of paper.

And these are called bio-fiber, and this is made from a new material called cellulose.

So it’s a different, a higher-quality material.

“That new material, according to Ritter , “is made from biopolymer.

“Biopolymers, as you may have already heard, are polymers that are made up of more than one substance.

It’s the backbone of the plastic fibers used in the most popular types of paper towel, as well as some other things.

The most common biopolymers are biocompatible, which means they are biodegradable.

They are not made to last in harsh environments.

Ritter told us that cellulose biofilms have the highest recycling rate in the world, and he’s happy to report that these materials are now a mainstay of the paper industry.

While Ritter has been touting his new paper towel for a while now, it’s interesting to note that this new material has yet to make its way to the US market.

But, it looks like the technology is ready to make it.

The company has recently started shipping its BioFiber Nano Paper Towels, and they are currently in the process of shipping the first batch to customers.

The bio-Fiber paper towels can be found at Staples and Walmart, as of this writing, and are also available in other retailers.

If you’re still looking to buy paper towels online, we recommend heading over to Amazon or Barnes & Noble.