‘Closeout paper towel coupons’ will now work for everyone, including children

Fox News viewers are seeing coupons for paper towels that will work for every child and family, from the little ones to the elderly.

The coupons were posted on the Fox News Web site, and they will not work for anyone under age 5.

Here are the items that will be available: “Saved Paper Towels” and “Save Paper Towel Coupons” are available for kids under age 3.

“Save paper towel coupon” will work on children age 3 and older.

“Closed Out Paper Toweling Coupons,” will only work on adults.

“Closed out paper towel” coupon will work only on adults who are age 55 or older.

A message was sent out to customers who ordered the coupons and was the only response from Fox News was, “Thank you for your interest in these coupons.

We appreciate your continued support of our viewers.”

A Fox News spokesperson confirmed the coupons will now be available to all customers.