Which companies have been hurt by Trump’s tax plan?

The biggest losers from President Donald Trump’s plan to cut corporate taxes, which has faced fierce criticism from Democrats and Republicans alike, include the pharmaceutical industry, which is reeling from a massive wave of generic drug shortages and a severe shortage of generic lab equipment, according to a report released Wednesday by The Hill.

The report comes as the Trump administration prepares to unveil its proposal to cut taxes for the biggest U.S. companies and their employees, which will be formally unveiled at the White House Thursday afternoon.

In addition to the pharmaceutical companies, the report also found that the financial services industry has suffered the biggest cuts in its taxes, from 20% to 15%, while the technology sector has seen a 25% cut to the current level.

The report found that about 2 million American jobs have been lost in the past two years due to the repeal of the Affordable Care Act and the proposed tax overhaul, which would be the first major tax overhaul in American history without the passage of major legislation to fund the government.