‘Truly amazing’: Yoga guru in Kerala tells of ‘supernatural’ experience

A Yoga guru who went on a spiritual journey in India and came back with the extraordinary revelation that he was the reincarnation of Jesus Christ has said that he believed he was reincarnated from a mother, but that he never thought that he would be worshipped as a god.

Speaking at a gathering of followers of his ‘Mekar’ Yogic Yoga school, Nirmala Sen, who was born in Kerala in the 1950s, said that his experiences with Jesus Christ inspired him to leave his parents’ house and travel the world to meet the Holy One.

“I was born from the mother’s womb, and when I saw Jesus, I believed that he is my mother,” he said.

He said that after the meeting with Jesus, he came to know that he had been reincarnated.

“In the name of the Holy God, Jesus, God incarnate, I have come to you,” he told the crowd.

“After hearing the name, I was convinced that I was Jesus.

I thought, this is what I am.

This is the son of God,” he added.

He also said that while Jesus was the son, he was not the father.

“My mother is not the mother of Jesus,” he claimed.

“When I met Jesus, we both believed that I am Jesus.

When I heard his name, the feeling was so strong that I thought that I must be his son.”

During his stay in India, he spent the night in the house of a family member, he said, and then he went to a monastery where he had a vision of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Holy Trinity.

He was convinced, he told reporters, that he himself was the incarnation of God.

“A lot of times, people have doubts and doubts that God is real.

But the Holy Mother and Jesus are real,” he explained.”

At first, I didn’t believe it, but the more I did this, the more it became clear to me.

I felt that I could have been Jesus.””

When Jesus came to me, he had never been there before.

He said, ‘Go and teach people that I’m your real mother’,” Nirmalam said.”

It was as if I had been born with a dream and I had to make a dream come true.”

He said he believed that when he came back to the US, he would find out whether or not he was Jesus, and would give a presentation on Jesus and Christianity at a Christian conference.

“Now, I am living a normal life.

But when I come back, I will tell people about Jesus and Christians,” he predicted.”

If Jesus were to come to me in this life, I would have a very powerful vision.

But he didn’t,” he concluded.