Paper towel experiment fails to predict how it will be used

Paper towels are widely used by Indian citizens, especially during the winter months, when many people in India are ill.

This is because of the fact that the heat generated by the sun causes a drying out of the water and thus causes a reduction in its surface area.

However, the process of drying paper towels can cause a lot of irritation, especially when you have to do it at home.

This problem is one of the reasons why many people have been doing a paper towel experiment, in which they put their hands on a piece of paper towel and press the towel to their face, face-first.

The result?

The paper towel seems to be drying faster than when it was wet.

However in a study done in 2016, researchers from the Indian Institute of Technology and Research (IIT-R) in Bengaluru found that if they put paper towels on their face while holding them in their hands, it was still drying faster.

They tested their hypothesis that if a person was exposed to a low amount of water, the paper towel’s surface area would shrink and it would be less effective in drying.

The study was published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

“The study found that paper towels were drying faster when placed on the skin, compared to when they were placed on a wet towel,” lead researcher Anil Dube said.

“We are not sure why this happens.

This may be because the surface area of paper towels decreases after the water is removed, and that is when the water becomes too hot.”

Dube added that they did not have any further details about the paper towels in this experiment, other than that they were drying in a laboratory and not the hand.

The paper towels could have different uses.

They can be used to clean dishes, as they can soak up stains, dust and other things.

Another use could be to absorb some sweat, especially if you are a fan of sweat.

“It could also be a very useful device for preventing sunburn or other skin irritation from the towel,” Dube explained.

“If you were using it in a room where the humidity is high, the humidity will increase the surface tension of the towel.

When the humidity increases, the towel will become too wet to absorb moisture from the air.”

Another experiment conducted by Dube showed that it was possible to use the paper-towel method to remove the moisture that has accumulated on a person’s face and body.

“This is very similar to the water bath method in washing your hands.

It is very efficient at removing moisture from your skin,” Dubes said.

Dube also noted that it may be possible to improve the surface drying process in the future by using paper towels instead of paper.

“One of the problems we are facing is that we are using paper towel in the home and we have to wash them in the washing machine,” Dume said.

This could be a good thing if we want to avoid skin irritation during the day, or we could try using a water bath to wash our hands and avoid the need to use a towel in such a situation.

The research has been done on mice.

“While this is the first paper towel study in humans, we hope that it will help us improve the paper cloth process,” Duce said.