Paper towels made of algae-based ink will make you glow!

The ink is made of an algae-like substance that’s easy to work with and easily washed. 

It’s not yet clear how the ink would be used, but we’re sure it’ll be good for the environment. 

The ink has been in use for more than a century and is used in many different applications including packaging and in cosmetics.

It’s also used in the production of many other products, including food and beverages. 

For the experiment, a paper towel was dipped in the ink and then the towel was placed on a surface where it could be dried.

After two days, the paper towel soaked up the ink, which had completely absorbed the ink. 

“We were looking for an ink that would take advantage of the light, so it was a good candidate to study,” said study co-author Jaimie Ewing, an assistant professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at UC Santa Cruz. 

A study published in Science last year demonstrated that a simple process of using a dye in water can create an ink with a very high optical quality. 

This type of ink, called a dye-based organic ink, has been used in cosmetics for decades, but has never been used as an ink for biofuel production. 

But this year, a team led by Ewing showed that using algae-derived ink as an alternative to conventional paper can produce biofuel with similar quality to conventional petroleum-based biofuel. 

Biofuel is made by converting biomass into liquid fuels. 

Ewing’s team created a biofuel ink using algae, which can be converted to oil or methane. 

After a week of using algae ink, they produced a biofuels-quality biofuel using water. 

They also created a low-density biofuel in a similar way, using water to produce a biocarbon. 

These biofuils were then placed on surfaces where they could be washed off and used as paper towels. 

Using the algae ink in paper towels can be a very eco-friendly way to produce energy. 

 “Paper towels are a waste product, so using algae as an environmentally friendly ink could make a lot of eco-waste in the paper industry,” said Ewing.

“That’s why we’re interested in using algae in this way to generate renewable energy.” 

“Ink can be used in all sorts of applications,” she added.

“So we want to learn more about how it can be integrated into products, so that it can have the same quality as paper. 

We want to find ways to make it more affordable and to make sure it’s environmentally friendly, and that it’s not harmful to the environment.” 

The paper towel experiment was funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF). 

This story was produced by Next Big Futures.