How to use Google Paper towels on a daily basis

How to take Google paper towels on your own and use them for a quick daily shower?

Here are my tips:1.

Use a towel with a wide neck for a more even drying of the towel.2.

Place the towel on your head, not your face.3.

Don’t let the towel sit in your face, as this will make the towel hard to clean.4.

If you don’t want to clean the towel after you use it, put it in a plastic bag with a small hole in the lid.5.

Put a towel into a plastic bowl and let it sit for 30 minutes to an hour.6.

Use the towel to wash your hands.7.

Rinse and repeat with a towel that’s a little larger and wider.8.

Put the towel in the dishwasher and let the cycle finish.9.

If your washing machine is not equipped with an automatic rinse cycle, place the towel inside the washing machine, turn the machine on, and rinse the cycle, which takes about 10 minutes.10.

If the machine is equipped with a rinse cycle that automatically takes 20 minutes, place a small amount of soap in the top of the washing basket and rinse in this cycle, using the same method as for the dryer cycle.11.

When washing a face wash, use a towel for a washcloth instead of a face towel.12.

If it’s a wintertime, put a large amount of water on a towel and let that dry for 10 minutes to soak the fabric.13.

Use an old towel for cleaning up a dryer and a new towel for washing clothes.14.

If a washing machine or a dry cycle is not available, use an old paper towel for the first rinse.