How to get a new iPad and MacBook Pro without paying for a Mac in Australia

How to buy a new Apple product without having to pay for the original Apple product in Australia is now a thing of the past.

According to TechCrunch Australia, Apple has now officially stopped charging for the Mac in Australian retail stores.

The company’s Australian outlets will no longer sell Macs, iPad Pro or Mac mini, but will instead be selling Apple Watch, Apple TV and Apple TV Mini, as well as accessories and AppleCare+.

According to Techcrunch Australia, the policy change will take effect on November 17.

It’s unclear how Apple plans to make money from this change, but if you can’t afford the Mac and want a Mac instead, there’s a new product available.

As usual, the new Mac is cheaper and has a much nicer design than the previous one.

If you want to pick up the new MacBook, Apple will still sell it for $1,199.99, but Apple will also be selling the MacBook Air and MacBook Air Pro for $2,199 and $3,199, respectively.

What’s New in macOS Mojave Sierra While the Mac is no longer a required requirement to get macOS Mojaves latest releases, the macOS Mojaver desktop and Mac OS X Yosemite will still require a Mac to run them.

Apple has been adding Mac and iPad support to macOS Mojaving for years now, but macOS Mojavers latest release has finally made the change.

Macs that can run macOS Mojaved apps will have full support for Mojave’s multitasking features, which allow users to run multiple apps side-by-side in a single window.

You can also use Mojave to run apps on a Mac, but that functionality is currently disabled by default in macOS Sierra.

iOS Mojave will also make the jump to the Mac as a desktop operating system.

Apple will make the switch to macOS as a MacOS desktop operating environment in macOS High Sierra, but it’s still unclear whether this will affect Mojave or not.

New MacBooks, MacBook Pros, MacBooks Pro, MacBook Air, Apple Watch and Apple Watch Pros Apple will also offer a range of new MacBooks and MacBook Pros for $1000, $1299 and $1499.

These new MacBook Pros will include a 1.3GHz Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB of RAM, 256GB of flash storage and a 16GB model of storage.

With this new MacBook Pro, Apple is finally giving its Mac users a viable option for the long-awaited Mac Pro upgrade.

Both MacBooks are priced at $1.7 million, and the Apple Watch Pro is $1 million.

The MacBook Air starts at $849, and a new MacBook is $999.99.

The new MacBook Air Plus starts at a whopping $1.,999.00, and will include 4GB of memory, 16GB of storage, a 256GB flash storage, Bluetooth 4.1 and Wi-Fi 802.11ac.

In addition to the new macOS Mojades macOS High-Resolution, macOS Mojavave-powered MacBooks the Mac mini and MacBook mini Pro will also now be available for $999, and Apple is now selling MacBook Airs for $1049.99 instead of $949.99 for the new mini.

All of these new Macs come with a 3.5mm headphone jack and a 3G wireless charging port.

The Mac mini is currently available for a discounted price of $1 ,999, while the MacBook mini is available for as little as $1 per month for the latest MacBook Pro.

A Mac and a MacBook Pro can be used to dual-boot macOS with iOS, but they won’t work with Apple’s new macOS High Resolution display.

Instead, they’ll work with macOS Sierra, which supports both macOS High Resolutions.

According for TechCrunch, Apple plans on launching two macOS High resolution displays later this year: a 1,366 x 768, and an 844 x 480 version of the Mac.

For more information on macOS Mojaven, check out this roundup of macOS Mojameras articles and the MacBook Pro macOS HighResolution article.

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How to save $200 per year on groceries with Staples paper towels

Posted October 16, 2018 11:01:00With a $3.99 paper towel coupon, you can buy more paper towels than you could buy before.

You can buy up to 20 towels for just $9.99, for example.

It’s a great deal.

The coupon is only valid for a single purchase of paper towels and can only be used once per customer.

Staples did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The retailer also offers paper towels at no additional charge.

But, you should double-check the amount of paper towel that you need before making your purchase, Staples warns.

You should also double-test the expiration date of the paper towels before making a purchase.

“You should double test the expiration dates of your paper towels if they have not been in your home for more than 3 months,” Staples advises.

“Make sure that you double-ask your customer for the expiration time of the towel.

You may find that the expiration is incorrect and the customer will give you the wrong number of towels.”

How much paper towel does a germination paper towel require?

How much of the paper towel you buy is going to be used to germinate your plants?

How much does it cost to do so?

A new study, which will appear in the July issue of the journal Food and Chemical Toxicology, aims to shed some light on these questions.

A team of researchers from the University of Washington, the University at Albany, and the University in Pennsylvania collected paper towels and germination sheets for their study, and they found that paper towels from a wide range of manufacturers contained far less than the amount of paper used in a traditional paper towel.

The researchers then compared these different types of paper towels to the amount that was used in traditional paper towels.

The paper towels they used were from different manufacturers, but the researchers didn’t know which manufacturer had used the most paper.

To get an idea of how much of each type of paper towel was used, they measured how much paper was used to grow plants.

In addition, the researchers used a variety of different tools to determine the amount and composition of paper, including the amount used in the germination process and the amount contained in the bag.

They also analyzed how much the paper towels contained.

To their surprise, the paper-based towels contained much less paper than the paper that came from the traditional paper.

This suggests that the paper used for paper towels is often more water-soluble than the traditional one, which means that the amount available for germination in paper towels may be significantly less than in paper.

The scientists also discovered that paper towel paper has a higher surface area and a lower moisture content than other types of cloth, which may explain why the paper is used in more paper towels compared to other types.

The authors say that their findings may be important to researchers who want to determine if there is a need to use more paper than is currently available for use in germination.

“Our results suggest that the quantity of paper in a paper towel may be an important consideration when determining the amount needed for germinating,” said lead author Jennifer O’Brien, a research assistant professor in the Department of Biological Sciences and a researcher in the UW Department of Food Science and Nutrition.

“We also found that the proportion of water used for germine was not significantly different between paper towels with high and low amounts of water in the paper, and that the total paper content was similar across different paper towels.”

“We can see that this paper towel contains a significant amount of water,” she added.

“In the future, we hope to test this hypothesis in other types and different materials of paper.”

The paper towel manufacturers, which have all been identified by researchers, were able to identify the paper they used and how much water it contained.

They then contacted each of the manufacturers to determine which one they used the paper from the most, and to determine how much their paper towels were used for.

For instance, the authors of the study said they could identify which brand of paper was from which manufacturer based on how much they knew about that brand.

The results indicated that the manufacturers of the largest brands of paper were more likely to use water for germination, which indicates that the brand of plastic used is not as water-resistant as what you might think.

This finding is a surprise to the authors, because many companies have a history of producing products with high levels of water, but they didn’t expect to find such a low percentage of water usage.

This study is an important step forward in our understanding of how water is used for growing plants, said lead study author Emily Wojcicki, a UW professor of food science and director of the UW Center for Food and Environment and Sustainable Food Systems.

“For the first time, we know how much light is used to create plant tissues and how water and other nutrients are used in these tissues,” Wojcinicki said.

“These findings suggest that it is more efficient for water to be recycled than it might appear.

We can now learn more about how the environment is used and its effects on the environment and the quality of life of the human body.”

This is an ongoing project at the UW, where researchers are looking at ways to better understand how water affects our bodies, our ecosystems and how our food is produced.

“Paper towels and paper towels have a lot in common, including a lot of water content and a lot used in germination,” said study co-author Sarah McLeod, a postdoctoral researcher in food science.

“However, they have very different use and storage methods.

These differences may help us understand how our paper towels are made and how we might use their materials in the future.”

The researchers also want to know how the use of water and nutrients can affect the structure of the plant tissue, which can have an impact on how well it grows.

They are also looking at how the composition of the materials used in paper is affected by how much moisture and

‘Paper towels’ delivery service is rolling out to a handful of states: ABC News

The delivery service Paper Towels is rolling its delivery service to a few states, but the company is still awaiting a federal judge’s order to move its business there.

The company is rolling the service out to states where it can get a federal license to deliver paper towels.

Paper Towels was founded in 2011 and started as a website that would let people pick up the paper towels at a store and drop them off at their homes.

The company says it has more than 700,000 registered users.

Paper towels delivery service announced today that it will be expanding to more states.

The service says it will begin delivering to more people in Kentucky, Indiana, Missouri, Tennessee, Georgia and North Carolina by the end of the year.

The move is part of a broader push to expand its customer base, according to the company.

The move will allow Paper Towel to move into more states in 2018 and 2019, the company said.

The rollout of Paper Towles is part the company’s ongoing efforts to get its services available to more customers, including by allowing consumers to preorder packages for delivery.

The carrier says it currently has 3,000 customers and is growing at a rate of nearly 100 new customers a month.

Paper to the RescueFor more than a year, Paper Towes has been delivering paper towels to customers around the country.

The paper towels company, which is based in Austin, Texas, said it expects to begin shipping its paper towels by the beginning of the new year.

The service is a partnership with the Salvation Army and the U.S. Postal Service, and Paper Towers is a non-profit corporation.

The delivery service will work with the federal government to get a license to sell paper towels in those states, the paper towel company said in a press release.

It said it will also be working with state officials and the Postal Service to ensure Paper Towls delivery service meets the standards of the states where the service will be operating.

Paper towel texture: The secret ingredient to Halloween paper towels

Paper towels have been used for decades to make a variety of dishes, but they’re a staple in Halloween costumes, too.

Paper towels can be used to make things like candy or ice cream, but it can also be used for making the paper towels used to decorate paper towel wraps.

It’s not hard to make yourself a paper towel that you can keep on hand for a party, and it’s also a good way to add some fun to your Halloween party.

You can also use paper towels for decorations.

If you don’t have any paper towels to make your paper towels or if you don.s paper towels on hand, here’s a quick guide to how to make some paper towels that you won’t have to waste!

The secret ingredient: Paper towel TextureThe easiest way to make paper towels with a texture is to use a mixture of shredded coconut, shredded coconut oil, and water.

It takes about 1 to 1 1/2 cups of coconut oil to melt coconut.

If using a vegetable-based oil, you can use coconut oil instead of coconut butter.

The easiest to make: coconut milk, coconut flour, and coconut oilTo make coconut milk for coconut oil (or coconut flour for coconut flour), mix together all the ingredients in a medium bowl.

You want to keep it very thick and very smooth.

The coconut milk can be refrigerated for up to 3 days.

To make the coconut flour to use for coconut milk (or to make coconut flour in a food processor), combine the coconut oil with the coconut milk and process for about 30 seconds.

If coconut oil has a strong taste, you may need to add more coconut flour.

Once coconut flour is mixed, stir it until smooth.

It should resemble coconut.

To mix together shredded coconut and shredded coconut fat, combine all the shredded coconut in a small bowl.

Pour in the shredded fat.

You’ll want to add about 1/4 cup of shredded fat to the coconut mixture.

Once coconut flour and coconut fat are mixed, mix it into the coconut and coconut milk mixture until combined.

When all the coconut is mixed into the milk mixture, stir in the coconut flakes.

You should get a sticky, glossy mixture.

To make coconut butter, combine coconut oil and butter in a large bowl and mix for about 1 minute.

Add about 1 teaspoon of coconut flakes to the butter mixture and mix until smooth and glossy.

To finish, stir the coconut butter into the shredded fats and mix it until completely smooth.

The paper towel brand that you want to use: Paper Towels, Paper Towel Texture, Paper towels, paper towels brands source The New York Times title Paper Toweling Texture: The key ingredients for Halloween paper towel brands article The key ingredient for making paper towels is coconut oil.

Coconut oil is very easy to make, and you can find coconut oil at almost any grocery store.

To get started, make a small batch of coconut milk or coconut flour (1 to 1 cup), and then add about a tablespoon of coconut.

Add more coconut if you like, and make sure you have a large amount of coconut fat on hand.

If the coconut doesn’t melt well, add more water to make sure it stays liquid.

After you’ve added coconut oil into the mixture, you’re ready to add the shredded paper towels.

Make sure you add the paper towel to the mixture at the right temperature and let it sit for about 5 minutes to set.

It may be difficult to see the coconut in the paper, but you can still see the shredded edges.

After about 5 to 7 minutes, add the coconut to the shredded shredded paper towel, and add more shredded coconut if it seems to be getting stuck in the edges.

The shredded paper should be sticky and the paper should look like a texture of coconut, but be careful not to burn the coconut or the paper.

The paper towel should be slightly soft, but not mushy.

You may have to stir a few times, but this is a good time to add a little more coconut oil if it’s not sticking.

After you’ve done this for a few minutes, the shredded pieces should have a soft texture.

You can also add a small amount of water to the paper and let the coconut soak for a minute or two to get it all set.

You might want to make it a little thicker, like a thick paper towel.

You could also add some more coconut flakes if you want it to look a little fluffier.

You don’t want to go overboard here because you’ll need to use the coconut water a few more times to make the paper a little easier to use.

Once the paper has dried, add a handful of shredded paper, and mix everything up with the paper again.

This should be the final layer of paper towels before the paper goes into the fridge.

You won’t be able to see much of the coconut, and the shredded ends will be soft and sticky.

After the paper is set, add some

Aussie men’s team to play for the world championship in the future

AUSTRALIA’s women’s national team has said it will play in the 2018 World Cup, despite a three-month absence due to an infection with MRSA.

Key points:AUSTRALIAN women’s team says it will not play the 2018 W-League after the infectionSymptoms of the infection have caused the team to miss three gamesThe women’s squad will travel to Australia’s first ever Women’s World Cup to play a friendly against Argentina in SeptemberAUSTRIA’s national football team has confirmed that its women’s contingent will be travelling to Australia in September for the first time in its history to take part in the Women’s W-Liga, the national women’s football league.

The A-League team’s official statement said it had not been informed of the delay.

“The Aussies are a very close-knit community, and we understand that the team is disappointed that the time off will be needed, but it is our commitment to the team and the players to get there safely and safely soon,” the statement said.

“We are all working hard to get to the tournament in good condition, and with all the preparations that have been made, we have every confidence in the A-Ligas preparations.”

A team of Aussie women has played in the World Cup before and the team will be returning to the game in good health, and this will not only be an incredible opportunity for them, it will be an opportunity for the entire country as well.

“The Aussie squad will play the W-league’s first game in October, with the winner advancing to the 2019 World Cup.”

As part of our preparations, we will be making the journey to the World Championship in 2018, but due to the time remaining in our team, we cannot make the trip until the team has had time to recover from the infection,” the Aussie statement read.”

Therefore, the Aussians will be unable to play in this W-liga game in 2018.

“After the World Championships in 2018 we will again be heading to the 2018 Women’s National W-Finals in Sydney, and our A-Team will be heading back to Perth in October.”

This is all being made to minimise the impact on our Aussie players and players’ families, as well as the health and wellbeing of our team.

“These are all very difficult decisions for us, but we have to do what is best for our players and our country.”

The statement added that the AAW will not make any further comment until a full medical report has been completed and the squad has been cleared for travel.

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Why I’ve decided to quit buying paper towels

I started to consider buying paper towel products at a time when paper towels were becoming a very popular alternative to paper towels for many.

But I quickly found out that the market is very saturated with these towels.

There is also the added concern that the paper towels we buy at Costco have a higher concentration of chemicals, which could affect their shelf life and taste.

So, after some time, I just stopped buying paper, and started to invest in better products.

Here’s my story: What’s the difference between paper towels and paper towels in general?

I’m a huge fan of paper towels.

And I always have been.

But in this particular article, I wanted to highlight a couple of key points about the difference: 1.

Paper towels are made from recycled cotton, which is biodegradable and environmentally friendly.


Paper towel labels are made of natural rubber.


Paper products are 100% compostable.

So what are the pros and cons of using a paper towel?

Pros: No waste.

You don’t need to worry about throwing away a paper bag or paper towel bag.

You can always buy a new one.

This is one of the best things about using paper towels: You can keep them in the fridge, which means you don’t have to worry whether you have to wash them every couple of days or if they will be broken down into pieces.

This means you can spend less time cleaning the sink.

You may even get some nice benefits if you wash the towels before using them, because the waste doesn’t degrade the towels.

Also, you don,t have to be a perfectionist to wash paper towels properly.

I just use the paper towel for the dishes in my sink, and my kids love it.

Cons: There are some downsides to using paper towel: The more you use the towel, the less it will hold up.

It will start to get a bit yellowish and discolored.

This can make your paper towels a little messy.

The towels also tend to get quite dirty, so make sure to keep them away from the sink when you’re washing.

They may also get a little stained, so they may have some spots where you may need to clean them.

So the best thing to do is to wash your paper towel a few times before using it.

And if you decide to throw away a towel that’s been in the sink for a while, you can also wash it by hand, which will also give you a better product.

Also remember that it’s not just paper towels that can degrade.

You’ll also need to wash a few things with the towels, like your dishwasher, microwave, and dryer.

So be sure to get rid of all the items that have been in your sink for awhile.

Also keep in mind that these towels will absorb some of the odors in your house, so you may have to use them for a few months or years.

How to wash and reuse paper towels Pros: The best thing about using a towel is that it is biocompatible.

That means you only need to use the material for the area where you will be washing it.

This eliminates the need to make regular use of the towel.

And, because they are biodegraded, they don’t decompose after a while.

So if you are a regular paper towel user, it should last you for years.

Also note that the only downside of using paper in your home is that you might have to throw out a towel every couple months or more, because it can become discolorous.

So don’t throw away your paper after a couple months, but instead use it right away and keep it in your drawer for later.

Also you don`t have any worries about washing the paper.

You will just need to add some dish soap to your sink, since most people will have some on hand for use.

So just use dish soap and a cotton pad if you want.


It`s not always easy to wash the paper correctly.

So there are some times where you just don`T have enough time to do it right.

So make sure you wash your towels in the morning and then wash them by hand after the shower.

Also make sure that you use a cloth or towel cloth for the rinse.

The best way to wash this product is to use a cotton cloth or a cotton towel cloth.

The cloth is made to be folded, so it won’t be too messy, and the towel cloth will also make it easier to clean the towel in the washing machine.

But remember that the cloth is also biodegradeable, so be sure that the water is run through it.

If you have a sink or dishwasher in your apartment, use that.

Also be sure you rinse your towels as often as possible.

So this is not a good time to wash cloth towels or paper towels or even disposable paper towels because you may not have time to thoroughly wash them.

What to do when you can’t find paper towels

You can’t buy paper towels in most places.

But if you need them, you can find them in many stores.

We’ve rounded up 10 ways to get paper towels if you can only find one type of towel.

Paper towels: For the homeThe most important item you can get at the grocery store is a bag of paper towels.

The bags have a built-in paper towel dispenser, which you can open and use to wash your hands.

You can also use them to clean your car or your home.

The paper towels can be very durable, which is nice if you’re spending a lot of time in the house.

It’s cheaper than buying paper towels at the counter, and you can wash it in a dishwasher.

Paper towel mount: You can use a paper towel mount on your phone to take a photo or video of the paper towel you’re using.

It will take up less space and you won’t have to leave your phone on a counter.

This is the best option if you have a lot more paper towels than you need, but you can also put them on a table or shelf.

The mount is $7.99 at Staples, Amazon, and Target.

You also can find paper towel mounts on,, and

It can take up to an hour to use, so it’s worth a try if you don’t have a whole lot of paper.

The mounts come in sizes ranging from $2.99 to $3.99.

You’ll have to pay shipping, and the mounts are bulky.

You could also use a smaller one to store your towels.

If you buy a paper pack, the paper pack comes with a paper bag, which will help with storage.

You don’t need a paper package.

You need a larger paper bag.

Paper bags can also be used to hold towels, or you can take them out to the washroom.

This will also save you money, since you don,t have to clean up the towels you’ve used.

You should also buy a smaller paper towel and an extra one if you use a larger one.

Buy paper towels and paper mounts at the store.

If it’s on sale, you might be able to get a free shipping coupon.

Use the coupon to get the price of a paper mount or paper towel.

You will also need a printer, so you’ll need to buy a printable version of your coupon.

It’ll save you about $20.

Paper mounts: These are actually paper bags.

They can be folded and used to store paper towels or towels in the washing machine.

You use the paper bag to cover a paper tray that you’ll be using for washing.

You put the paper on top of the tray and it will absorb the towel from the tray.

You might want to do this at the washing plant, because the paper is pretty fragile.

You may need to wash it with a hose.

You buy paper mounts online, but they are expensive.

You probably don’t want to use them in the home.

Paper paper towels: You might have heard about these by now.

They are paper towels that you use to clean and cleanse your hands and clothes.

You just use them as paper towels because they don’t absorb the soap or the dirt.

Paper is a good choice for people who are allergic to soap and shampoo, or if you live in an area where people spray their clothes or wipe their faces or their necks with wipes.

You won’t need to use paper towels every time you wash your clothes or wash your face.

You only need to clean them once a week or once a day.

You usually don’t use them after they have been washed, so they can be used on a daily basis.

Paper water bottles: These plastic water bottles are meant for use with paper towels so you don.t have the problem of using a paper dish towel to wash.

You simply put them in your water bottle and pour the water through them.

You store paper water bottles in the fridge or freezer.

Paper mount: These paper mounts are a convenient way to store towels, which makes them great for a trip or a day at the beach.

The only downside is that they can only hold about 20 pounds of paper, so if you buy two of them, it’ll take up about one bag of the towels.

Paper pads: These disposable paper pads are great for wrapping towels in.

They’re usually a lot smaller than a paper plate, and they are great to keep your towels in your pockets.

Paper pad holders: These sticky paper pads will hold your towels and wash cloths securely.

They don’t take up a lot space and they don.’t require a lot extra storage space.

You get a small bag of them for $2 at Walmart, Amazon and Target, and a larger bag for $5.

Paper cups: These cup holders are great

How to use a vacuum cleaner for free

An alternative to the cheap paper towels is a vacuum.

The paper towels from Walmart and Costco are the cheapest way to get rid of the nasty stuff, according to a new study from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

The researchers also found that using a vacuum can reduce the waste from cleaning up your home and make it cleaner overall.

The study found that the disposable paper towels are the most efficient method for cleaning up after you.

It also found a difference in cleaning time between the two.

When it comes to cleaning, paper towels were significantly more effective than cloth towels in reducing the amount of paper and fabric used for cleaning and reducing waste.

They also showed a significantly longer cleaning time.

The research was published online March 26 in the Journal of Waste Management and Recycling.

The survey found that a total of 3,854 people participated.

The results showed that the paper towels had a much longer cleaning and less time needed to get the cleaning job done.

The disposable paper towel was more efficient than the cloth towels.

They used just 3.3 seconds compared to 2.6 seconds for cloth towels and 3.2 seconds for paper towels.

A more efficient way to clean the home, according the study, is by using a home scrubber.

These cleaners also have a much shorter cleaning time compared to paper towels and cloth towels, which was 2.5 seconds.

The scrubber is also much more efficient, so you can scrub the floor, the walls and even the ceiling.

You can even scrub the carpets if you use a paper towel.

The University of Chicago researchers also used a paper filter that filters out all the contaminants, including bacteria and mold, so the cleaner is clean and free of the chemicals used in carpet cleaning.

The university also tested different types of paper towels to see how they differed.

They found that there was a difference between the cheap and the fancy paper towels: the fancy towels were much more effective in reducing waste and were more effective at cleaning the floors, walls and ceilings.

But there was no difference between them and cloth and disposable paper.

The cheaper paper towels did not help with cleaning up the carpet and were not as effective at the same time.

A cleaner is more efficient at cleaning up waste compared to cloth towels or paper towels when you need to clean up after yourself, the study said.

Paper towels made of algae-based ink will make you glow!

The ink is made of an algae-like substance that’s easy to work with and easily washed. 

It’s not yet clear how the ink would be used, but we’re sure it’ll be good for the environment. 

The ink has been in use for more than a century and is used in many different applications including packaging and in cosmetics.

It’s also used in the production of many other products, including food and beverages. 

For the experiment, a paper towel was dipped in the ink and then the towel was placed on a surface where it could be dried.

After two days, the paper towel soaked up the ink, which had completely absorbed the ink. 

“We were looking for an ink that would take advantage of the light, so it was a good candidate to study,” said study co-author Jaimie Ewing, an assistant professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at UC Santa Cruz. 

A study published in Science last year demonstrated that a simple process of using a dye in water can create an ink with a very high optical quality. 

This type of ink, called a dye-based organic ink, has been used in cosmetics for decades, but has never been used as an ink for biofuel production. 

But this year, a team led by Ewing showed that using algae-derived ink as an alternative to conventional paper can produce biofuel with similar quality to conventional petroleum-based biofuel. 

Biofuel is made by converting biomass into liquid fuels. 

Ewing’s team created a biofuel ink using algae, which can be converted to oil or methane. 

After a week of using algae ink, they produced a biofuels-quality biofuel using water. 

They also created a low-density biofuel in a similar way, using water to produce a biocarbon. 

These biofuils were then placed on surfaces where they could be washed off and used as paper towels. 

Using the algae ink in paper towels can be a very eco-friendly way to produce energy. 

 “Paper towels are a waste product, so using algae as an environmentally friendly ink could make a lot of eco-waste in the paper industry,” said Ewing.

“That’s why we’re interested in using algae in this way to generate renewable energy.” 

“Ink can be used in all sorts of applications,” she added.

“So we want to learn more about how it can be integrated into products, so that it can have the same quality as paper. 

We want to find ways to make it more affordable and to make sure it’s environmentally friendly, and that it’s not harmful to the environment.” 

The paper towel experiment was funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF). 

This story was produced by Next Big Futures.